“Maya, a student of Nayee Asha, is a qualified staff nurse now. Another two are in their third year in nursing college and another five have got admission this year.”
--Father K J Anthony

“When the world says Give up. Hope whispers... Try it one more time. ”

Nayee Asha as the name suggests is new hope… .. hope for the under privileged kids of this world. Children who are shunned, not accepted by the mainstream society are under the shelter of this NGO who works tirelessly for the upliftment of these kids. It is the organization that brings hope to the kids of lepers and rag pickers. These kids, even though are not afflicted by leprosy, are ostracised by the superstition-ridden society. Father K J Anthony is the pioneer of the Nayee Asha initiative, which is located at Kheri village, in Daurala, district of Meerut. read more

Quick Contact Detail
Village Khedi, Daurala P. O.
Distt. Meerut – 250 221, UTTAR PRADESH (India)
Phone: +91 9760-447-778
            +91 8171-484-822
E-mail: info@nayeeasha.org
Web: www.nayeeasha.org

“Hope is sweet-minded and sweet-eyed. It draws pictures; it weaves fancies; it fills the future with delight.”

Funds are a pre requisite to run this organization that caters for so many children. Many projects are kept on hold due to lack of funds. It would be a huge help to Fr. Anthony who runs this vast organization with resources. A small donation can make bigger changes in their lives. read more